The emblematic Dakar Train Station | Flat roof tile

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The emblematic Dakar train station in Senegal with Flat roof tiles of La Escandella.

The train station was built in 1885 to connect the city of Dakar with Saint Louis. It's a historic monument with a colonial-style very representative of the city.

La Escandella roof tiles have been selected to re build the station, through Eiffage au Sénégal, by the construction of a new railway line to connect the city with the Blaise Diagne International Airport.

For the renovation of the roof of this building, the roof tiles selected are the Flat range of Cerámica La Escandella. Especially, the color red has been chosen to preserve the historic building aesthetic.

La Escandella is currently selling its tiles in more than 85 countries of the 5 continents and it is Spanish leader in clay roof tiles exports with a market share over 43%.