INSTALLATION Planum PV Solar System | La Escandella

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Mechanical interlocking allows both an easy and quick laying with battens like any other clay roof tile.

La Escandella laying system performs in significant savings compared to other solutions.

To carry out a right installation, the Planum PV Solar System must be fixed on a well-ventilated roof by using encounter battens.

The 360º Solutions by La Escandella is a comprehensive range of product designed for every situation and tested to protect your home.

A pitch roof must perform:

  • Water- repellent Thermal insulation (ideal for both warm and cool performance)
  • Frost resistant
  • Structural remittance
  • Fire resistant Air (and steam) flow
  • Noise isulation
  • Interior and exterior appeal and long lasting performance


The ventilated roof must have encounter battens and a waterproof membrane with a minimum weight of 150gr/m² (CAM52).

For wooden and metal horizontal battens, a minimum height of 5cm is required. For vertical battens 3.5cm is the requirement in compliance with the technical roofing code.


The Planum PV Solar System must not be placed either in the first or last rows. It must be installed in the lower part of the roof to ensure the right airflow under the tiles.

Planum H-Selection Klinker should be fixed in the first row, then the solar tiles can be installed according to the size of the projecting area. Once these solar tiles have been installed, the rest of the surface will be fixed with Planum (TI) by following the manufacturer instructions.

Video Installation Planum PV Solar System

Our Solar tile perfectly fits with the Planum clay tile, therefore the system is fully integrated with the roof.

The mechanical interlocking achieves an easy laying which saves the installation time.

The world needs a change, Planum PV Solar System of Escandella.