Curved roof tile improvements | La Escandella

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La Escandella improves his End Cap for Curved roof tile.

Innovation and design go hand-in-hand with Cerámica La Escandella.

Thanks to its desire to excel, La Escandella has improved the Curved roof tile range. Guaranteeing their customers a higher quality of service.

La Escandella is aware of the importance of accessories to ensure the correct installation and ventilation of the roof.

For this reason, it has designed the accessory Q58 - Single end cap curved 50, providing to their customers greater ease of installation compared with the old Q68 - End cap curved 50.

To achieve greater versatility and ease of adaptation for each project, La Escandella offers to their customers the possibility of obtaining only the accessory Q58 or the Q58 glued to a 50 curved roof tile (same reference Q68), as shown below:


As you can see, we are still working to offer the best curved tile on the market.

The wide range of colors of the Curved roof tile offers customers an extensive choice of options to customise each of their projects.

In addition, there are more colors on request as glazed.