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Roof tiles export leader | La Escandella


Ceramica La Escandella is positioning on top of the clay roof tile Spanish export manufacturers and, in addition, increases its market share.

Cerámica La Escandella has developed the Blackstone Ventilation roof tile from the Planum range, so the tile will be fully integrated with the roof.

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NEW Official Announcement COVID-19


 As the Spanish government just reported in a recently published regarding the Royal Decree 10/2020 of 29th March,


La Escandella is leading the clay roof tile Spanish exports. It is a family business located at the Mediterranean offshore and established in 1964, La Escandella production site is the largest...

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Official Announcement COVID-19


Cerámica La Escandella, S.A. the safety and well being of our employees and customers is always our priority.

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La Escandella at Bondi Beach | Australia


La Escandella roof tiles will be installed at Bondi Beach (Sydney - Australia).

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Terracotta La Escandella


La Escandella expands its product by range, offering to their customers the new Terracotta La Escandella tile.

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Architecture Awards 2017-2019 | Hispalyt

Hispalyt has published the call for the Brick and Roof Tile Architecture Awards 2017/2019.

In Spain, La Escandella is the only manufacturer of ceramic rooftiles which guarantees its entire range of rooftiles with the NF of AFNOR certification.

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